Ocean Acidification, How Does This Affect Us

February 5, 2020 @ 10:00AM — 11:00AM

Speaker Evan Sherer, Biologist

Ocean Acidification, How Does This Affect Us image

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Let Evan tell you about what is happening to our ocean's with the polluting and the warming that is happening. How is this impacting us and our eco-system.

Evan Sherer is a naturalist and guide with Rising Tide Explorers, SWFL’s premier eco-tourism company. Previous to this, Evan has conducted marine and estuarine research throughout the East Coast. Evan began his career studying marine biology at the University of Miami. There, he helped conduct acoustic tagging studies on reef fish in the Keys, and conducted coral reef health assessments in Biscayne Bay. Evan earned his MS in Environmental Science at the College of Charleston by studying the impacts of estuarine acidification on oyster calcification (i.e. Will ocean acidification weaken oyster shells to the point where other animals can prey on them really easily?). After school, Evan was awarded a NOAA Coastal Management Fellowship (the fellowship that places early career environmentalists in various state-government agencies to work on marine science and policy issues). Stationed in New Jersey, Evan worked on coastal restoration projects that stabilized the shoreline to protect them from getting eroded by storms. Evan also used software programs to measure and analyze shoreline erosion to determine where those projects were needed. Now back in Florida, Evan leads kayak tours through the Rookery Bay Reserve, teaching visitors about all of the natural wonders of SWFL.

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