I want my children to get involved in wildlife conservation image

I want my children to get involved in wildlife conservation

Join the Owl Watch Kids Club and naming an owl chick and more!

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Join the Owl Watch Kids Club by naming and adopting an Owl!

  • Audubon Western Everglades Owl Watch Program is a science research program that monitors and protects Florida’s threatened Burrowing Owls in Southwest Florida. The Owl Watch Kids Club is an online ”Connecting Families with Nature” education adventure for Collier County families who want their kids to learn about environmental conservation and wildlife stewardship through outdoor activities and special family group events.
  • Read more about our Owl Watch Program on our website http://www.audubonwe.org

Kids Club Benefits

  • Kids name an owl chick and follow its life-cycle
  • Certificate of Adoption with adopted owl photo
  • Great Kids Owl Club T-Shirt
  • Quarterly Digital Newsletter with reports, art and photos by Kids Club members
  • Plus AWE annual “family” membership ($80 value – see added benefits on website)
  • Special members only section for childrens games, word search, coloring sheets and more!
  • It's all about the Burrowing Owls!

Kids Club Package Cost $200

Learn more about this precious state threatened species. Join the fun!